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What is the exchange policy?

  For health and hygiene reasons, we cannot exchange any sex toys, unless the product is faulty.

What should I expect for shipping time?

We strive to ship all orders received before 3pm PST (6pm EST), Monday - Friday same day. Expect 3-5 days delivery

I'm concerned about my Privacy. Is the shipping discreet?


How loud is a vibrator?

When it comes to sex toys on the louder side, try using them under a heavy cover and having a fan, music or an app to supply white sounds

Is there a cheaper model? 

When it comes to sex toys, basically you get what you pay for. Good quality sex toys are not cheap. The pricier something is, the better the quality and longer life it will have. Best way to decide is to have a budget in mind and a price you absolutely will not go over

Can I use my toy with a partner?

Most Toys can be used with a partner